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Canon Pixma Pro-10 is a semi pro A3+ printer, which uses 10 pigment ink cartridges.

This is a huge and very heavy piece of kit! So it will need a stable surface to put it. I must say this is one of the easiest printers to setup that I've ever used...simply install the software from the disc provided, connect the printer and it's ready to go! The 'print studio pro' photoshop plugin is very intuitive and easy to understand.

The main reason I purchased this printer is I wanted to print my images and hopefully sell them, so quality is what I was looking for....I have now printed 10 images and the quality is amazing! I'm blown away by the colour depth and detail this printer produces. I haven't printed any B&W yet but when I do I will update this review with my findings.

Would I recommend this printer? Absolutely no hesitation! It's a great piece of kit, not cheap (£499), but in my opinion worth every penny.


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